BNN Brings Nanomaterials to the Public at European Researchers’ Night 2023 

On Friday, 29 September 2023 BNN joined researchers across Europe for simultaneous public science events in dozens of  European cities. In Graz we joined European Researchers’ Night 2023 at Universalmuseum Joanneum – a great venue in the heart of the city.  

Under the title “Life is Science – in a digital world”, the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib) and St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences jointly organised this fantastic event to present engaging, hands-on activities suitable for people of all ages, from children to students to adults,offering them a glimpse into the daily activities of several research institutions on the topics of Health & Food, Climate & Environment, Digital Transformation and Culture & Community 

Around 70 people stopped by the BNN booth “Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Games – Match the Nanomaterial!” to match microscopic images of nanomaterials to their real-life applications. Young visitors showed off their lab skills by performing experiments on the Lotus Effect, creating magnetic fields with ferrofluid, or writing secret messages with our “magic ink” containing nanoparticles used in anti-fog coatings. Even the youngest visitors loved using a pipette to create large and small water droplets on hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces! 

It was exciting to be surrounded by so many companies, organizations and projects from our community – from lab meats to green tech skills to virtual reality, the offerings were a delight for experienced and budding scientists alike.  

BNN provided materials from our projects such as  DeDNAed, DIAGONAL, HARMLESS, NABIHEAL,NanoPAT, NextGenMicrofluidics, PHOENIX-OITB, PRIME, SABYDOMA, and others.  

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View some of our moving pictures here: visual recap