BEOnChip – BOC

BEOnChip S.L. is a leading Spanish company, founded in 2016, focused on the field of Micro-biotechnology. Our core business is the design, validation and commercialization of our proprietary microfluidic cell culture devices to resemble biomimetic human physiological environments. Proprietary means that we develop our own microfluidics technologies, so this means R& D is another key activity of BEOnChip that has allowed us to currently count on a patent portfolio (WO 2014/053678, P201531607) of microfluidic chips (microchips) to be used as organ-on- chips. These microchips have been already launched to the market over the last year with great success and very high clients´ acceptance. BEOnChip is a SME currently employing 5 people.

The BEONCHIP team is specialized in the design, prototype and industrialization of microfluidic devices for cell culture and organ-on-chip. BEONCHIP is able to accompany its clients from the idea phase to the market launch of innovative products aimed at the cell culture and the medical device. BEONCHIP has proven experience in the development of this type of projects, both with research groups and with biotechnology companies and pharmas.


Rosa Monge

Dr. Rosa Monge is the manager of the Research and Development Department of BEONCHIP, where she is responsible for the global coordination, supervision of microfluidic chip design and fabrication, as well as the supervision of biological experiments; her research focuses in the design and development of new microfluidic devices to mimicking different organs of living bodies. She obtained her Master degree in Applied Mechanics by the University of Zaragoza in 2011, and her PhD in Mechanical Engineering by the University of Zaragoza in 2017 (“Cum laude”). In 2016, she co-founded BEONCHIP S.L. with the devices developed during her PhD. She has several scientific papers in design and fabrication of microfluidic devices and holds 6 patents in this field. Rosa Monge is a renowned specialist in the world of microfluidics and researcher at international level, receiving numerous awards such as her appointment as TopTalent Under 35 by the MIT Technology Review in 2017.