What is the status?

We are managing the project PRIME website with more than 4,300 visitors and social media accounts with over 300 total followers. We are proud of the 9 scientific publications produced by the consortium so far, several of which were in high-impact journals.

What have you achieved so far?

We‘ve been supporting the consortium with conferences, presentations and events such as European Researchers‘ Night. We also created these mini-posters and short videos on our YouTube channel. Most importantly, we have identified several key exploitable results from that will be developed beyond the project‘s end.

Have you changed course at all?

Due to the pandemic we had to look for dissemination paths other than scientific conferences – though these are now returning. Our mini-posters and short videos were impactful, and we promote publications through social media as much as possible.

What do you expect from the final stage of the project?

We look forward to presenting PRIME at our finall dissemination event in Vienna on September 14th (details forthcoming!) and highlighting the final output of the project in non-scientific publications – as well as promoting our partners’ scientific publications!