advanced and versatile PRInting platform
for the next generation of active Microfluidic dEvices

To get a better idea of what PRIME is, which partners are working together
and what our goals are, please watch this video.



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PRIME Project featured in BNN Newsletter 04/2021

PRIME Project featured in BNN Newsletter 04/2021

PRIME was featured in the new BNN Newsletter (December 2021) with two articles. Carlos Sanchez presenting project PRIME at the AMI webinar on 16th November 2021 on page 75. Publication of PRIME project videos on page 31. Read Newsletter


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About the Project

Microfluidic devices manipulate tiny amounts of fluid enabling cost-effective, fast, accurate and high throughput analytical assays. Progress in Microfluidics has huge impact in environmental pollution monitoring, biohazard detection and biomedicine, contributing to the development of new tools for drug screening, biological studies, point-of-care diagnostics and personalized medicine.



PRIME aims to go beyond the state-of-the-art generating a robust platform to create a new generation of active, tubeless and contactless microfluidic chips effectively changing the currently established paradigm.



Six organisations from Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria participate at the PRIME project.