BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH – BNN

BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (BNN) is a non-profit scientific network that specializes in the Key Enabling Technologies nanotechnology and biotechnology, with emphasis on (1) nanotoxicology, (2) sensortechnology, as well as (3) health, (nano-)safety and (nano-)medicine. Standardisation and regulatory aspects of nanotechnology (e.g., safety data sheets, exposure scenarios, REACH context, etc.) are key topics in the research of BNN. Therefore, BNN continuously interacts with national and international stakeholders, as well as policy makers and regulatory and legislative authorities (e.g., in the context of NANoREG, EURO-NanoTox, standardisation committees, etc.).

BNN is European key player in the field of nano-safety, specialised in developing nanorelated Safe-by-Design strategies together with researchers and industry, and coordinates international nano-safety and nano-innovation activities (e.g., NanoSafety Cluster, Industrial Innovation Liaison i2L, Closer-To-The-Market, etc.). On national level, BNN coordinates the Austrian Microfluidics Initiative, Austrian NanoMedicine, NanoToxicology and NanoSafety-research-community and therefore has access to key technologies for nano-safety assessment along the value chain. Through the close collaboration with industry, BNN has gained expertise in translating scientific knowledge into real-life industrial innovation processes. Additionally, BNN provides communication and dissemination activities (its newsletter reaches 850 members and 12000 external “nano-professionals” worldwide) and has experience in organizing workshops and scientific trainings.

BNN is partner and part of the Management Teams of the H2020 project R2R Biofluidics (646260) and FP7 project SPIDIMAN (305343). Within the industry-focused H2020 pilot line projects Hi-Response (646296) and INSPIRED (646155), BNN is responsible for nano-related safety assessments and the development of projecttailored Safe-by-Design strategies. In the H2020 project BIORIMA (760928), BNN is key partner within the dissemination team. Additionally, BNN is Austrian contact and dissemination point as local NANOfutures lighthouse.

Andreas Falk

Andreas Falk, MSc is CEO of BNN, studied biomedical sciences and business administration at University of Graz. He is part of more than 15 completed/ongoing national and European projects in the thematic fields of medicine, nanotechnology, nanotoxicology, nano-health, and sensor solutions. He is active within several national and international working groups (NanoSafety Cluster (NSC) coordination team as well as safe-bydesign and industrial innovation working group (NSC-WG9), ETPN (executive board), SusChem (chair of national technology platform), NANOfutures (Austrian lighthouse), COST-Actions, chair of industrial innovation liaison-working group of pilot projects/NSC, etc). In the field of nano-safety/nanotoxicology and industrial innovation support, he contributed more than 70 oral and more than 20 poster presentations on international scientific conferences.